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We want to help people to recover their selves from day today working pressure; we have design our resort most suitable for that purpose with family villa including private pool, a tree house with all modern amenities, five modern double bed rooms, two common swimming pools for groups. We have select a perfect location for our resort that situated face to Kalatuwawa forest reserve. The quiet lush green surroundings, cool breeze from unspoiled forest reserve, sweet bird’s chirpy, dazzling swimming pools which are filled with natural fresh spring water will really appease your mind, body and soul.


We have a team that consists of internationally qualified professionals; who are always will assist you to make your dream holiday in reality.

We have identified that uniqueness and quality of our service will arise our hotel from rest of the others. We are currently a family about 25 members who are key to make our hotel one of the best eco-friendly resort in the island.